Childbirth educating is a game-changer when it comes to equipping parents with all they need to provide their baby's needs.

Maternity Meditation Class

Calm Birth
Carmen is trained to teach calm birth meditation. 

Prenatal Classes
Carmen teaches group classes that focus on t
he physiology and psychology of pregnancy and the birthing process. Topics include breastfeeding, nutrition, and all the things your baby needs from you.


Prenatal Parent Education
Carmen works directly with parents to journey with them in their pregnancy, tailoring their educational and support needs.

Calm Birth

Includes 4 weeks of 1-hour classes.

Prenatal Classes

Option 1:

6 weeks of 1.5h classes

Option 2:

9 session of 2h classes (includes Calm Birth)


This is tailored to fit the parenting needs and budget.